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Our Story

Taco Delite was founded in 1976 by Jerry and Wanda Rose. Prior to owning Taco Delite Jerry and Wanda owned Taco Inn. Jerry and Wanda worked tirelessly during their careers to provide the residents of Plano with high quality food in a clean restaurant with superb customer service.

In 2009 Jerry and Wanda decided to pass down Taco Delite to their daughter, Linda. Linda grew up working around her mom and dad at Taco Delite and has a great understanding of the high expectations for the store. Since taking over the store, Linda has made it a priority to prepare high quality food while maintaining industry leading cleanliness standards and providing top notch customer service.

Taco Delite's high standards have been recognized by many, including the City of Plano Health Department. Taco Delite is a three time winner of the Food Safety Excellence Award for Fast Food Restaurants as awarded by the City of Plano Health Department.

Taco Delite has the best customers in the world and many who have visited our store for decades. We are extremely thankful for our customers and for their continued part in our story!

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